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All these dummies are manufactured and certified in Japan to be specified under CFR 49, Parts 572. These dummies are used for a kind of car crash tests, frontal impact and frontal offset impact. Used as weight dummy for sled test, we supply some special parts to prevent from easy breakages (see R&D dummy parts). For pedestrian dummy, it is used for R&D purposes, such like evaluation for pedestrian/cyclist/rider injury. We receive any offers to modify the dummy parts, to assemble the sensors on requested parts and/or to have the original specifications and performances.

For Front Impact Test Dummy

Hybrid-III50th Percentile Male Dummy / Hybrid-III5th Percentile Female Dummy

Hybrid-III50th Percentile Male Dummy /Hybrid-III5th dummy Female for the front collision tests.
JASTI manufactures Hybrid-50th and 5th dummy in according to US Standard of NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Administration) and [49CFR Part572 Subpart E and O]. To prove the performance of dummies, JASTI carry out in-house calibration tests with traceability proving the certification of conformity with the regulation. All parts are manufactured as per said drawing and regulation and it is compatible JASTI parts with other dummies. Hybrid-III50th Percentile Male Dummy /Hybrid-III5th dummy Female are being used not only for front impact test, but also it is broadly used with the examination for the injury assessment.

Hybrid 95th Percentile Large Male

The first Hybrid III 95th prototype was completed in 1989 defining the specification for adult size small female and adult size large male dummies having at least the same level of biofidelity and measurement capacity as the Hybrid III 50th percentile dummy.
Scaling techniques were used to define the new dummy designs and biofidelic responces.
Mass and geometric scaling factors were calculated for various body segments. The scale factors were applied to the HIII 50th detail drawings thus insuring each dummy has similar design concept as the 50th as well as corresponding body segments’ densities.
1The scaling technique were also applies to the biomechanical impact response of the HIII 50th head, neck, chest and knee to give corresponding biomechanical responses.
The pelvis design was not directly scaled from the HIII 50th but rather a new concept.
In 1997, in response to serious injuries and fatalities attributed to airbag development, SAE, NHTSA began a major project to optimize the HIII family dummy design and improved the measuring capability and biofidelity of the crash dummies to better evaluate neck and chest potential injury.
HIII 95th large male is used primarily to test seat belts integrity or as a ballast dummy as of today.
Hybrid III 95th Percentile Large Male


Hybrid-III50th Percentile Male Dummy is specified under CFR 49, Parts 572, Subpart E. Of course our H-III50th Dummy is manufactured to meet above regulation including certification test. We checked the compatibility between our dummy and other manufacturer’s. You can be satisfied with our dummy/dummy parts which have high quality and constant quality level

Thor50 Dummy

JASTI has introduced Thor50 in the beginning of 2018.
-JSAE Yokohama in May 2018
-Testing Expo China
The proto type has updated with modification items as August and November 2016 by NHTSA.
JASTI starts the proto model evaluation test and certification test.
Thorax test is done with SPIRAL TRACK as soon as SPIRAL TRACK ready for Thor50.
FE model has finished by modeling as NHTSA base. JASTI plans updated with our test results.

Pedestrian Dummy

Pedestrian Dummy

Left) Hybrid III 5th Percentile Female Pedestrian Dummy
Cener) Hybrid III 50th Percentile Male Pedestrian Dummy
Right) Hybrid III 95th Percentile Large Male Pedestrian Dummy
Pedestrian Dummy is modified dummy from Hybrid III 50M,5F and 95LM based, which is used for frontal collision test, keeping its original weight specification and basic function, but minimum parts of pelvis, lumbar spine and knee slider are replaced for standing posture one. Pedestrian dummy can be set up and replicate biological behavior likely human-being, it is useful to measure injury value in other tests besides automotive collision purpose. Pedestrian dummy is used for not only pedestrian protection field, but also more widely fields such as motorcycle rider’s protection, robot safety assessment,falling accident at construction field, buried accident caused of environmental disaster, etc. Meanwhile,it can be also used as a weight dummy in the body handling, rescue/nursing training, durability test of commodity and so on. 3 types of different pedestrian dummies are available from JASTI, 50M adult dummy, 5F woman and 95LM large male dummy,.Each type can be replicated for any conditions of where human is exposed in the risk of injury or the death. Pedestrian Kit Parts are also available and it is easily reassemble from Hybrid III to Pedestrian dummy with minimum cost. Please feel free to contact to JASTI if you have any needs of Pedestrian Dummy.

FAA Dummy

FAA Dummy was developed for the US Federal Aviation Administration to evaluate the airplane seat of aircraft accident based on Hybrid-Ⅲ50th Percentile Male Dummy. The difference with Hybrid-Ⅲ50th Percentile Male Dummy are the gross weight and sitting height of Lower Torso, Abdominal Insert, Femur and Upper Leg Bone, that

Gross Weight:164 LBS(74.4kgs) Sitting Height:37.5inches(90.7cm)

FAA Dummy is specified in the Standard of
CFR 14 Parts 23.562, 25562, 27.562, 29.562.

For Side Impact Test Dummy

ES-2re Side Impact Dummy

The ES-2re Side Impact Dummy produced in our company is made altogether based on the U.S. attestation examination (FMVSS214) or the U.S. car assessment (USNCAP) based on the U.S. standard (49CFR Part572 Sub part U).
All are also carrying out the various calibration tests proving meeting the regulation standard with our technical center facilities which have traceability.
ES-2re Side Impactor Dummy is manufactured according to the above regulation including Certification Test. We ckecked the compatibility between our dummy and other's manufacture's.

ES-2(re) Side Impact Dummy Linear Positon Transducer


SID-IIs Side Impact Dummy

The SID-IIs dummy in our company is prepared according to the U.S. standard (49CFR Part572 Sub part V) altogether based on the U.S. attestation examination (FMVSS214) or the U.S. car assessment (USNCAP) It is produced carrying out the various calibration tests proving meeting the regulation standard with our thecnical center facilities which have traceability.
ES-2re Side Impactor Dummy is manufactured according to the above regulation including Certification Test. We ckecked the compatibility between our dummy and other`s manufacture's.

SID-IIs Side Impact Dummy
1/2 Potentiometer


WorldSID 50th Percentile Male Side Impact Dummy W50-00000

WorldSID50 Percentile Male Side Impact Dummy has developed under international sponsored project. ISO/TC22/SC12/WG5 has been working with international technical expert group and county representative.
The final specification has not specified yet. The major issue are Shoulder, Thorax, Abdomen test result.
The keys of Crash Test dummy are to fulfill the requirement of biophedelic corridors with repeatability, reproducibility, durability, sensitivity.

JASTI has developing WorldSID50 based on ISO specification of ISO 15830 requirements as well as European RoSH2 material safety.

WorldSID 50M w/o suit, front and side view:


Body segment mass
Body segment 2015 Updated weight(kg)
Head 4.29±0.05 kg
Neck 2.86±0.02 kg
Thorax/Abdomen/Shoulder 20.56±0.35 kg
Two half arms 3,52±0.08 kg
Lumbar spine and Pelvis 17.76±0.20 kg
Two upper legs 13.26±0.08 kg
Two lower legs/ankles/feet 10.12±0.14 kg
Clothing 1.54±0.10 kg
Total with clothing and half arms 73.91±1.02 kg
Body dimension:
Seated height 869±30 mm
Knee to Back line 670±30 mm
Width across arms 468±30 mm
Half arm length (L/R) 330±30 mm
Waist width 324±30 mm
Knee to shoe height 588±30 mm

Certification Test:Head Test:

WorldSID 50M Head certification tests are requested as Frontal and Lateral Left and Right.

WorldSID Head validation specifications:
Frontal Drop Lateral Drop
Peak resultant acceleration (G) 205 to 255 Peak resultant acceleration (G) 104 to 123
Peak lateral acceleration (ay)(G) <15 Peak lateral acceleration (ay)(G) <15
Maximum percentage, subsequent-to-main peak (%) <10 Maximum percentage, subsequent-to-main peak (%) <10

Neck: Test:

WorldSID50MのNeck test are followed by 49 CFR Part 572, Subpart E (Hybrid 50M). The validation specification are followed as below specification.

WorldSID Neck validation specification:
Maximum angular displacement of the head from relative to the pendulum,β(degrees) 50 to 61
Decay time of β to 0 degrees (ms) 58 to 72
Peak moment at occipital condyle (Nm) 55 to 68
Peak moment decay time to 0 Nm (ms)a 71 to 87
Peak forward potentiometer angular displacement (degrees) 32 to 39
Time of peak forward potentiometer angular displacement (ms)a 56 to 68
Peak reward potentiometer angular displacement, θF(degrees) 30 to 37
Time of peak reward potentiometer angular displacement, θR(ms)a 56 to 68

Pelvis test:

WorldSID 50M Pelvis Impact Test are the same Pendulum system with Hybrid-III50th Chest Impact Probe(23.4kg) with seat.
Pelvis H-point at 6.7 m/s impact speed. The results meet the followed specification

WorldSID Pelvis validation specifications:
Peak pelvis acceleration along y axis (G) 37 to 47
Peak Pendulum force (kN) 6.8 to 8.2
Peak T12 acceleration along y axis (G) 10 to 14