Overseas TV Program – Broadcasting data announcement

Broadcasting date announcement after March introduction.

Thai Public Broadcasting Service(Thai PBS) has the TV program and been introducing Japanese culture, special projects, activity into Thailand for providing some hints of the future and further progress as an International TV program.

JASTI has been introduce as the program name 「Dohiru」(This program has broadcasted 17:30~ every Sunday and 7:00~ on Thursday.

First and Second interviews has taken in Feb. and April. Thbroadcasting time and date has set as below.

◆Program name:「Dohiru」
◆Date:26th June Time: 18:30~18:55

【How to view the program】
◆Go to the Thai PBS site by PC. It is possible to view as real time.

◆Other program page
The program home page:http://www.thaipbs.or.th/dohiru
※This home page provides the previous programs too.

IRCOBI conference sponsor

JASTI has sponsored again for IRCOBI conference in 2015. The conference report is obtained separately. Please refer the conference report.


September 2011

We start new Lumbar Spine test method in order to specify the Force vs Angle by Torso Flexion test system with different shore A hardness Lumbar Spines special attachment jig, shown as picture.


August 2011

We start manufacturing Rib with new dumping materials due to the original material are no longer available from McGill USA. The new material is identical material as McGill. The Rib calibration test results are very constant and reliable.


July 2011

We changed our casting parts from sand casting to wax casting. The change reduced the number of bubble holes in the casting and strengthened parts.


June 2011

A new calibration engineer joins JASTI test group. He is an experienced calibration engineer and is mainly in charge of ES-2 and SID-II since June 2011.

ASTI –UTAMA Inc is opened and registered in Los Angeles, CA, USA in June 2011.The company manufactures dummies and relative parts.Ms.
Nizam Sabarudine who has been in the field of dummy development and production since 1972.


May 2011

To correspond to the requests from US major automobile companies in December, 2011, we provide calibrated Hybrid-III 50th and Hybrid-III 5F dummies for their evaluations. We are proud to present that our Hybrid-Iii 50th and Hybrid-5F dummies have gone through and passed their detailed calibrations, sled test, full crash test and strict evaluations. The calibrations were taken since February 2011 to July 2011.

Ozawa and Nizam Sabarudin attended ESV conference at Washington DC in May 2011.

Automotive Engineering Exposition 2011 (Please see photo below)


April 2011

ES-2 Neck and Buffer production molds are ready for trial production and calibration tests.

SID-II’s Neck calibration test, Head drop calibration test for normal production are available.


March 2011

The new added 3D scanning and modeling system enables us to develop new and customized product in a shorter lead time. The picture below is a sample of 3D Skull model.


February 2011

We established a second production plant to satisfy the increased demands from our customers world wide. Two large vinyl-urethan forming ovens and one medium forming oven were installed to the production line in February 2011. On top of that, we are planning to active two large ovens which are already in our stock in the future to correspond to the demands in the new markets.

The picture below is the two new large ovens and our chief engineer for mold production, Mr. Furugori.