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What is SPIRAL Track®?

NCAP(New Car Assessment Program) Test is conducted widely all over the world to evaluate the safety of vehicle. Even it is given five stars awards for Frontal Offset Crashworthiness Evaluation and Side Impact Crashworthiness Evaluation of the vehicle safety, still number of fatality by traffic accident “Zero” society is not realized.
As of today, to ensure and evaluate the safety of vehicle, NCAPs including NHTSA/IIHS, Euro-NCAP introduce new safety standard of oblique impact in addition to frontal and side impact evaluation.
Due to realize oblique impact evaluation, it will be replaced Hybrid III with next generational dummy, WorldSID that has been in the market since 2010 up, and Thor 50 and Q-series dummies, barriers as well replaced with AE-MDB,O-PDB and M-PDB.
Currently, the impact of thorax or abdomen of Hybrid III are measured by rotary potentiometer. However, it can not be detected accurately an oblique impacts damage by Hybrid III and not evaluate the safety of vehicle and passengers. It can’t be reproduced the impacts of real traffic accidents by current integrated dummies and/or measuring instruments.

There are many kind of measuring instruments designed mechanical and optical to detect the displacement and being assembled into WrldSID and Thor 50 and Q-dummies.
However, those instruments are still many of issues on reproducibility, repeatability, durability, reliability and accuracy and not satisfied the requested demands in function.

This is an issues of the in-dummy measuring instrument.

SPIRAL Hi Co.,Ltd. developed jointly with JASTI Co.,Ltd. new device of measuring instrument to clear all said issues. This new and epoch-making development in function and structure, called SPIRAL Track, has been registered the patent right in Japan and internationally in US, Europe, China, India, Korea and Taiwan, and prototype model has been completed in last February. This new function and structure of SPIRAL Track has been introduced to Euro-NCAP and NHTSA and it is expected further development and implementation.

JASTI has contracted the sole sales and distribution rights with SPIRAL Hi and it will be exhibited SPIRAL Track integrated into Thor 50 and WorldSID in Automotive Engineering Exposition 2019 Yokohama in May/22-24.

It is expected this new device will be used widely SPIRAL Track in automotive safety industry, not only WorldSID, Thor 50, but also Q-series, RS dummy and MATD, etc.

You are kindly requested to visit JASTI booth at Automotive Engineering Exposition 2019 Yokohama and check this epoch-making measuring instrument directly by your eyes.
We are very much looking forward to seeing you at our booth in May.


Hybrid-III 50th, 5th, 95th Sensor Chest Rotary Potentiometer

Hybrid-III 50th, 5th, 95th Sensor Chest Rotary Potentiometer

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