2016 JASTI Calendar

It is fourth edition JASTI issues the yearly calendar and followings are monthly topics and/or place:

Front cover
Numazu and outlying city
Mount FUJI
Mount-Fuji, which has been registered as World's Cultural Heritage in Jun/2013, is being slept its eruptive activity since Dec/1707 over 300 years, and it is concerned in late years its eruption again. Whenever we have a look at grate Mt.Fuji covered by virgin snow, it is located 30km the northwest far away from JASTI TC (Technical Center), hope the year 2016 will be full and happy ones for everyone.
Ankle Assembly (J2949)
IIHS identified signal noise from the foot accelerometer signals in high-speed frontal crash in 2007. Due to eliminate the potential metal-to-metal contact created at Ankle Assembly, SAE report the final design and validation in Mar/2015 and this design concept could also be applied to the Hybrid III 5F and 95LM ankle joint design. JASTI has released these regulation adopted Ankle Assembly of 50M since 2014.
Kakitagawa springwater
Kakitagawa park is located 30 minutes drive distance from JASTI TC, where is famous spot of gushing water that is flowing underground from the Mt.Fuji and its amount of springwater is estimated 70-100 tons daily. KIFUNE shrine is displayed in the park and it is famous Kakitagawa springwater of as Power Spot as well as its clear stream.
HeadForm Impactor
HeadForm Impactor is well known measurement apparatus for pedestrian protection to measure Head Injury Criteria(HIC). Inside of Impactor, there are mounted single axis sensors for x, y, z directions on the sensor mount and HIC is calculated by these x-y-z composite acceleration. As of today, HeadForm Impactor is used popularly for other than pedestrian protection.
H-III 50M Pedestrian Dummy
Hybrid III 50M dummy is being used popularly for Automotive Crash Test, but it is also possible to remodel into pedestrian model changing Pelvis and Lumber Spine, etc. Not only 50M, 5F, but also 95LM pedestrian dummies are available now as Pedestrian lineup and those full lineup may meet with your safety evaluation purpose in any kind of industry. The above snapshot shows one of the use of bungee jumping experiment using Pedestrian 50M dummy in TV program of Science Experiment by NHK.
5F Spine Box
Troubled metal noise created by spine box and adaptor assembly contacts has been improved by JASTI reinforcing the spine box structure and minimized the signal noise from Chest acceleration. This new design is well accepted in market and it is being used as standard design products since 2012.
The port of Numazu
The port of Numazu is facing to Suruga Bay, where is the deepest sea of the depth 2500m in Japan, and many tourist visit for sea food gourmets. Also, quite unique deep-sea aquarium so-called ”Coelacanth Museum” is near by port area and deep-sea fish could be observed in this museum.
Pelvis Plug
The specification of Pelvis Plug is regulated its specification such as material, maximum force and displacement corridors by NHTSA drawing 180-4450.
Due to meet with its specified specification, each pelvis plug is measured Load(N) and Displacement(mm) by Autograph.
The Mishima Grate Shrine
This shrine is located in Mishima-city, where is 40 minutes driving distance from JASTI TC, and it is one of the oldest and famous shrine in Toukai-Area. At all times of the year, many peoples visit and pray for prosperity in their business.
Iron Mask
This “Iron Mask” is the mold to make head skin of Hybrid III 50M. JASTI’s molded skin are well appreciated for its finish of the skin smooth. JASTI’s molded skin products are casted by aluminum machined mold and mold itself looks like a modern art.
Dummy Family Lineup
In the last year 2015, Hybrid III 95LM is added in dummy lineup and complete dummy series are available such as Hybrid III-50M, 5F, 95LM and 3YO. Pedestrian-50M, 5F and 95LM. Side impact-ES-2(re), SID-IIs and WS-50 will be completed the development stage and start the commercial production from 2016 onward.
Night view of Numazu:
Numazu city is located at heel of Izu peninsula and foot of Ashitaka Moutain facing to Suruga-Bay. Its population is about 200,000 and one of the bustling port city, Numazu city also play the key city of access point to the most popular tourist area of Izu, Hakone and Mt.Fuji area.