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2014 JASTI Calendar

It is third edition JASTI issues the yearly calendar and followings are monthly topics and/or place:

Front cover
Hybrid III 50M Dummy
Tokyo Sky Tree/Tokyo
Tokyo Sky Tree ground opening was cerebrated in May/2012. This TV tower was built through the time of The Great East Japan Earthquake disaster and many people may overlap some kind of feeling of indomitable spirit in this brave.
Located in Changchun, and China annual automotive sales is more than 20,000,000 units as of 2013, FAW-VW built new Crash Test Laboratory in March/2013 and World Automotive lndustry will be forced toward "China shift" even in production and development.
Hybrid III ES2 dummy/Malacca/Malaysia
ASEAN NCAP entered into the 2nd stage and nowadays ES2 is being used for Side Impact Crash Test.
JASTI ES2 was provided for the opening ceremony of Second Phase ASEAN NCAP demonstration at PC-3, Malacca, Malaysia in Jan/2013.
In August/2013, JASTI was authorized as an official Dummy supplier for ASEAN NCAP and calibration facilities in PC-3 is ado-pted by JASTI one in Jan/2014.
To report the development schedule of WorldSID, the meeting for PDB was held at Munich Airport conference building in April/2013.
Hotel Kempinski is located nearby the conference building.
Yokohama Exposition Mall/Yokohama/Japan
In May/2013, Automotive Technology Exposition was held at Yokohama Exposition Mail.
JASTI exhibited full of the products lineup which were newly developed in 2013 such as WorldSID, HeadForm Impactors FMVSS 226 and FMVSS201.
Hybrid III 50M Dummy/Shanghai/China
Due to confirm the durability, repeatability and reproducibility, JAST Hybrid III 50M was provided at SMVIC for the dynamic sled test together with comparison dummy and it was proved JASTI Hybrid III 50M performance by the third party.
Heidelberg is famous city of almond flower.
Kistler Automotive service center is located in Heidelberg. Season was in early Spring, but it was a little late to enjoy the almond flower blooming.
Hybrid III 50M Dummy/Shanghai/China
JASTI Hybrid III 50M was displayed at Kistler-China booth in the passenger seat of BMW.
During 3 days program, over 20,000 visitors came on site.
WorldSid 50
JASTI WorldSID prototype was displayed at Automotive Testing Europe 2013 in Stuttgart June/2013 with DAS & sensors installed condition.
ESV2013, Seoul/Korea was held at Coex in Seoul in May/2013 and A & G Technology (Korea distributor) displayed JASTI Hybrid III 50M in A & G booth.
dai Motor (50M) and Ssang Yong Motor (5F) in 2013.
Free Motion HeadForm FMVSS201
JASTI manufactures Free Motion Headform Impactor and FMVSS226 Mitigation HeadForm complete set and conjuction with these Impactor series, JASTI is now handle Impact Test systems "ARIES" brand of Spain as a distributor in Japan.
The color of leaves has changed to red and yellow color, here is the foot of HOUKEN-DAKE in Komagane-City, where is located 3 hours drive from JASTI Technical Center. Top of the mountain has covered by snow and its elevation is 2,600 meters from the sea. Those shot was taken at same day, but differences of altitube 1,000 meters shows various views of beauty and intense nature.